With a vast knowledge in Packaging & Promotional tools field and proud to always be able to come up with the best solutions for customer’s offset printing & production needs – both in pricing and quality, Our marketing team is ready to listen to your demands and discuss with you the possible solutions to achieve the best result with proper delivery time line and friendliest price.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team is always ready to answer to customer’s inquiries & orders – with our friendliest smile.




The difference between success and failure is a great team. Our divisions are experienced in working together as a team to deliver the best printing result.



Product Development

Separated into three teams that works collectively as a unit, our Product Development team is responsible to ensure that the end-products meets what the customer has demanded and to follow-up on each and every single new projects during the course of production.

Pre-Press Design

Transferring the design into a working plate that is ready to be printed & produced is the main duty of Pre-Press Design team. Equipped with the latest CTP (Computer to Plate) machine that is able to save a lot of pre-production time with greater color quality as a result.

Creative Design

As part of our One-stop-solution service, Creative design team is responsible to create not only high-quality graphics that distinguish between customer’s products among competitors but also a new innovation in packaging and displays.





Paper Cutting

We cut our own papers to the optimized size needed, resulting in less paper used, less waste for the environment and a budget-saving method for our customers. Our Paper Cutting team is also responsible to shred defective products to pieces. You can be sure that no rejected products that doesn’t meet our standard of high quality will see the light of day.

Offset Printing

As the core of our service, we put extra attention to our Offset Printing department. We use world-class printer that deliver distinguishable results you can enjoy. From standard 4 colors CMYK printing to additional Special colors, only top notch results are produced. Supported with the latest Spectro Densitometer which is able to stabilize & maintain the color quality, we are confident that you will see the most optimized result in your products.


For customers who fancy different shapes than a regular box, our Die-cutting team is able to create a distinct shape packaging without compromising the sturdiness.


Laminating is a process of applying an additional protective layer to the printed material that shields it from unwanted hazards. Our Laminating team is equipped with the latest automatic laminating machine which promises speed and that extra polish you need. Available in Matte & Gloss.

Hot Stamp / Embossing

Hot Stamping is a dry printing method which transferred a layer of metallic foil to a surface at high temperatures. While embossing is raising the surface of paper / non-metal products to give a bulging texture to the desired area. These added extra finishings give a nice touch to your printed products.


We pay extra attention to our gluing process and make sure that each and every pack that you receive are perfectly joined. We use Eco-friendly glue that doesn’t leaves non-recyclable residues as part of our responsibilities to the nature.

Special Finishing

Window patching

Window patch adds a transparent window to the packaging that enables customers to view the product directly. A patch of thin transparent layer is added to the window area to avoid direct damage to the products.

Soft Touch

The new addition to our expanding service. A brand new and still very-limited printing technology that added a soft texture to the materials. Soft touch finishing brings out exceptional texture that is still hard to find at the market and makes your product really distinct among others.





Quality Control

Incoming QC

The key to good quality print, is good quality raw materials. We checked each of our materials received from our suppliers and make sure they don’t have defects or blemishes. We only accept raw materials that meets our high demand of quality standard.

Outgoing QC

Before delivering them to your doors, all end-products are checked using our high-tech automatic checking machine which process the products using responsive camera. Any end-product which has a defect that doesn’t match the data that has been previously set to the computer will be automatically removed. This extra process greatly minimize the number of defective products that you receive.

In-Process QC

During the course of production, our team acts like a watchful eye to maintain the quality and make sure all processes run smoothly. We have a high standard of in-process quality control that enable us to avoid common mistakes which might results in the delay of delivery.


Our delivery team promises to safely deliver the products to your door. We also partner with trusted expedition company that we have been working with for a long time and is renowned for their good reputation & wide coverage area for out-town area, and even overseas.





FlatBed Cutting

FlatBed Cutting is a convenient cutting process whereas other materials than paper, such as Acrylic or MDF can be cut according to your liking. FlatBed Cutting opens up new possibilities to answer your promotional needs.

Variable Finishing

Depending on the promotional tools finishing that is desired, we are able to give service such as Painting, Layering, Tacosit, Decosit, HPL, among others.